Many users who start using their 1st hosting account, or change companies, frequently have queries concerning how given tasks are performed or bump into problems when setting up different things such as e-mails, website settings, and so on. This is the reason why, many web hosts have compiled documentation with the most frequently asked questions and issues in order to help their clients receive info quickly and easily. Consequently, the help desk support team can focus on real problems that given clients may be experiencing, as the solution for the smaller things will already be available on the web and clients can easily handle them without getting in touch with the support staff. Having in-depth documentation is critical, particularly for new users without any experience, since the hosting service entails a large amount of functions and lots of people can become confused about what action to take. A good knowledge base can both help you accomplish the operations that you want and discover how the hosting service works as a whole.
Extensive Online Documentation in Shared Hosting
All Linux shared service that we offer come with a comprehensive knowledge base where you can find all you should know about your web hosting account. Whether you desire to create a brand-new MySQL database, to forward a domain by means of an .htaccess file or to create an email address on your PC or mobile device, you can just read our help articles and all the info that you require will be there. When you open a specific section of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, you will see articles that are associated with the features that you can access through it. In case you’d like to see the whole collection of articles and get informed about all the functions that Hepsia offers, or only to read generic info about the hosting service, you can browse through the whole knowledge base, which can be accessed via the Help menu in your Control Panel. We’ve tried our best to cover any issue that you might confront, but if you do not find the information that you are searching for, you can always touch base with us, as our help desk support staff members are working day and night.
Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Servers
Our company’s semi-dedicated servers offer an extensive online article library where you can find any information that you might need about our hosting services or about the Hepsia hosting Control Panel that we are using. We’ve compiled it on the basis of the feedback that we’ve acquired from our customers over the years and, hence, our articles encompass particular issues that you may chance upon and offer the most effective way to solve them, for instance getting an HTTP 500 error message or being unable to send emails from your desktop PC although you have the correct SMTP server settings. The articles are available in every single section of the Control Panel and you can access them whenever you need. They can help you enlarge your knowledge not only about our services, but also about the hosting service as a whole, as they include how-to instructions and general information such as what cron jobs or file permissions are.